The Future of Design Systems - Live Conference May 23-25, 2022

Into Design Systems
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Online conference, 23-25 May 3-day Design Systems conference. Insights from experts LIVE, demos, Q&As & more.

3 day virtual Design Systems LIVE conference, 20+ speakers, 3 workshops, 500 friends.

A virtual Design Systems conference to bring together the community around Design Systems, and Design Tools organized by the design community.

Our aim is to create a live experience we would love to attend. Watching talks and saying hi & bye in the chat is not the type of conference we’re looking for so we’ve created our own.

Full agenda:

🗓 Conference Program

Confirmed Talks:

A Collaboration Matrix — For Design Systems At Scale with Volkswagen

Sandra Schaus, Lead UX Expert Volkswagen Group Services | Consulting

Thorsten Jankowski, User Experience Lead Group IT, Volkswagen AG

Matthias Fritsch, Design System Lead, MAN Truck & Bus SE

Governance for agile design system teams

Karolina Boremalm - Head of Global Experience Design Operations, IKEA Retail, INGKA Group

Let’s face it, developing and maintaining a comprehensive Design System is not without its challenges. How do we at IKEA work with governance so we can keep track of all great requests and initiatives, and move them efficiently from idea to done and released.

Building accessible design systems

Lukas Oppermann, Design Lead Design System, Deutsche Telekom

Killing the spreadsheet behind every design system

Jiri Trecak, CEO of

Each design system consists of many moving parts - some live in Figma, some live in our codebases, and some.. in Spreadsheets, that are used to track everything from links to health statuses to information about changes to specific elements. It is time we remove this last broken part completely.

Design Ops 2.0 - Scaling Design

Erica Rider, UX Architect and DesignOps thought leader, PayPal

Erica leads the UX team for PayPal’s internal developer tools in an effort to transform the organization from a development-driven organization to a customer-first and design-driven one. The team is pioneering the next generation of DesignOps called DesignOps2.0. DesignOps2.0 enables product teams to successfully build useful and useable products by integrating user research and design directly into the product development lifecycle.

The Future of Design Tokens

James Nash, J.P. Morgan & Member of Design Tokens W3C Community Group

How Pitch uses Specify to sync icons from design to code

Louis Chenais, Co-Founder & Chief Evangelist @ Specify
Roy van Rooijen, Senior Product Designer @ Pitch

What's new in Figma Tokens & and what's still to come

Jan Six, Co-Creator Figma Tokens Plugin & Sr. Product Designer, GitHub

Multidimensional Design System

Patrycja Rozmus, Design Systems Lead at Brainly

Can building a design system team and design infrastructure from scratch for a hyper-growth business be a valuable lesson in predicting the future of design systems? Can it lay not only in building one bridge - between designers and developers - but an intersection? If you agree, you might be interested in joining me in reflecting on that experience and signals that multidimensional design systems might be the future. And if you disagree, we will probably have an exciting Q&A session!

From Design Systems to DesignOps: Establishing DesignOps at your org

Michelle Chin - Principal DesignOps Manager, Citrix

You’ve successfully managed a design system and now there’s more interest in operationalizing other things for the design team. While this is exciting, it can be scary, too. In this talk, we’ll cover how to approach design operations as a team of one. We’ll discuss how to pick projects, how to set yourself up for success, and how to ensure project success.

How to write award-winning Documentation

Nathan Beddows, Design System Writer, ŠKODA AUTO a.s

- How to undertake the entire process
- Understanding who your audience is
- How to adjust your writing style accordingly
- And much more!

Figma Tokens first steps of collaboration with other plugin makers

Esther Cheran, Co-creator of Figma Tokens, Chief product @ start-up in stealth-mode

Figma has a vibrant plug-in ecosystem, but till date plugins still work in isolation. At Figma Tokens, we explored how to boost efficiency and create new possibilities through collaboration with other builders in the Figma plugin & design token pipeline ecosystem.

Designer and Developer Round Table: Creating a Design Tokens Pipeline That Encourages Collaboration

Michael Mangialardi, Frontend Engineer

A design tokens pipeline is more than just an internal dev tool, it is a collaborative system impacting designers and developers. Sometimes, the practical boundaries, responsibilities, and processes are confusing--and often they vary based on the circumstances. In this talk, we'll go to the drawing board to provide a framework for landing on a collaborative system that can work in various circumstances.

How to create a Multibrand Design System for existing products

Kristina Grönboldt - Freelance Design System Lead

Imagine not only building one design system, but following a multi-brand approach for over ten different brands - and all products are already live. How do you strike the balance between having a general foundation and very brand-specific requirements? And how do you set the whole thing up in figma?

Distribute your design documentation

Mike Wilson, Designer & Maker of Gist Figma Plugin

Let's explore distributing design system documentation with Gist plugin so that docs are: in context, up-to-date, and accessible. I'll cover how to distribute and maintain your documentation and what documentation features we should expect from our design tools.

Breaking changes could be the future of your design system

Patrycja Radaczyńska, Senior UI engineer, Contentful

What we’ve learned about introducing breaking changes into design system while working on the next major version of Forma 36.

What do we do when design is never done?

Kevin Cannon, Design Manager

How do we keep motivated when working on things that are never done? Managing yourself and your creative confidence is just as important as managing your design system. I'll explore what's been useful to me as both as a designer and a parent.

Better components through better spec

Taylor Cashdan, Design Systems Lead, Hologram

During a recent Into Design Systems Hackathon, our multidisciplinary team collaborated across 4 timezones to create a toolkit that helps engineers and designers work together better. The Component Spec Tool streamlines and annotates common CSS classes to aid in more efficient handoffs resulting in better components and streamlined collaboration.

Unleashing Automation

Davo Galavotti, Product Designer

Automation is here to make us work smarter not harder. Let’s take on a journey to learn how automate all these time-consuming tasks across our design process and to that time to explore new horizons.

⚡️Free Workshops for conference ticket holders

Learn how to automatically distribute your design tokens and assets from Figma to GitHub

Louis Chenais, co-founder of Specify and Design Tokens Community Group editor

Learn how to create a synchronization pipeline to collect, store and distribute your design tokens and assets from Figma to your GitHub repository.

Date: May, 25: 10 - 12 am CET
Duratuon: 2hours
Free for all conference tickets holders

Building a multi-branded design system and design system documentation with Supernova?

Jiri Trecak, CEO of

Design systems with multiple brands present a plethora of unique challenges that complicate both implementation and usage. This 2-hour-long session will help you resolve the challenge of having more than one brand to manage.

Date: May, 23: 8 - 9:45 pm CET
Duratuon: 2hours
Free for all conference tickets holders

You shape the content

Tackling a specific problem? No idea how to structure the Design System? Establish workflows for contributing patterns / components?

We want to make sure to create an engaging event with valuable content - we want people to take the most out of this. This event is dedicated to people who want to connect & contribute rather than watch.


There will be plenty of networking possibilities before & during the event. Sneak peak: chat, interactive whiteboards, Pitch opportunities, job board, Show & Tells.

What to expect

Live demos of Design System projects & workflows

A lot of insights, tips & tricks you can immediately implement in your daily work

Community Show & Tells (hacks, plugins, workflows..)

Interactive online whiteboards where you can network & participate

Limited spots only

Tickets are limited , first come first served.

Frequently asked Questions:

🎫 Limited tickets & spots only - first come first served

🇺🇸 The event will be held in English

🙌 Expect a lot of insights, tips & tricks you can immediately use in your daily workflow

📼 All sessions will be recorded, all recordings will be provided to participants after the event

👨🏽‍🎨 Casual meetup style, not a business meeting / fancy conference

⏰ The timezone is CET, Central European Time,

🙋🏼 Introvert friendly environment & setup

🙅🏻‍♀️ No sales & marketing in our talks

Unique content with a lot of insights - Video snippets from previous events:

Videos from our previous events - to give you an idea what to expect:

Huge thanks to our sponsors for the support:





Praise from the attendees of previous conferences:

"One of a kind! 🤩"

Patrycja Rozmus

"This conference is sooo good!! The conference-organisation, the miro board..the pacing, the two moderator.. .all perfect! benchmark for online-zoom conference! Please continue your great work!"

Markus Schmeiduch

"This was fantastic. And I love how laid back it is :)"

Steven Stieng

Thank you very much for organising this! Great job. Thanks to all the speakers and attendees for sharing your thoughts, resources, knowledge and all the other cool things. I miss ‘real life’ conference, but this one made me feel like I am attending the conference in the olden days. Thank you, Chapeau bas!

Karol Dulat

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The Future of Design Systems - Live Conference May 23-25, 2022

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