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The Future of Design Systems Conference - 2022 Recordings

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Online conference, 23-25 May 3-day Design Systems conference. Insights from experts LIVE, demos, Q&As & more.

3 day virtual Design Systems LIVE conference, 20+ speakers, 3 workshops, 600 friends - 🎬 Recordings now available

A virtual Design Systems conference to bring together the community around Design Systems, and Design Tools organized by the design community.

🎬 Now available: 22 Recordings of Live Presentations & Q&As - 20 hours of content

🎬 A Collaboration Matrix — For Design Systems At Scale with Volkswagen

Sandra Schaus, Lead UX Expert Volkswagen Group Services | Consulting

Thorsten Jankowski, User Experience Lead Group IT, Volkswagen AG

Matthias Fritsch, Design System Lead, MAN Truck & Bus SE

Video Preview:

🎬 Governance for agile design system teams

Karolina Boremalm - Head of Global Experience Design Operations, IKEA Retail, INGKA Group

🎬 Building accessible design systems

Lukas Oppermann, Design Lead Design System, Deutsche Telekom

Video Preview:

🎬 Design Ops 2.0 - Scaling Design

Erica Rider, UX Architect and DesignOps thought leader, PayPal

🎬 Unleashing Automation

Davo Galavotti, Product Designer

Video Preview:

🎬 The Future of Design Tokens

James Nash, J.P. Morgan & Member of Design Tokens W3C Community Group

🎬 How Pitch uses Specify to sync icons from design to code

Louis Chenais, Co-Founder & Chief Evangelist @ Specify
Roy van Rooijen, Senior Product Designer @ Pitch

🎬 What's new in Figma Tokens & and what's still to come

Jan Six, Co-Creator Figma Tokens Plugin & Sr. Product Designer, GitHub

🎬 Multidimensional Design System

Patrycja Rozmus, Design Systems Lead at Brainly

🎬 From Design Systems to DesignOps: Establishing DesignOps at your org

Michelle Chin - Principal DesignOps Manager, Citrix

🎬 How to write award-winning Documentation

Nathan Beddows, Design System Writer, ŠKODA AUTO a.s

🎬 Figma Tokens first steps of collaboration with other plugin makers

Esther Cheran, Co-creator of Figma Tokens, Chief product @ start-up in stealth-mode

🎬 Designer and Developer Round Table: Creating a Design Tokens Pipeline That Encourages Collaboration

Michael Mangialardi, Frontend Engineer

🎬 How to create a Multibrand Design System for existing products

Kristina Grönboldt - Freelance Design System Lead

🎬 Distribute your design documentation

Mike Wilson, Designer & Maker of Gist Figma Plugin

🎬 Breaking changes could be the future of your design system

Patrycja Radaczyńska, Senior UI engineer, Contentful

🎬 What do we do when design is never done?

Kevin Cannon, Design Manager

🎬 Better components through better spec

Taylor Cashdan, Design Systems Lead, Hologram

🎬 Killing the spreadsheet behind every design system

Jiri Trecak, CEO of

Interactive demos & workshops

🎬 Workshop: Learn how to automatically distribute your design tokens and assets from Figma to GitHub

⏰ 2 hours session

Louis Chenais, co-founder of Specify and Design Tokens Community Group editor

🎬 Building a multi-branded design system and design system documentation with Supernova

⏰ 1:40 hours session

Jiri Trecak - Founder & CEO,

What to expect:

Demos of Design System projects & workflows

Presentations & Q&As

Community Show & Tells (hacks, plugins, workflows..)

What you will get:

Access to all conference recordings

🎬 Unique content with a lot of insights - Video snippets from previous events:

Praise from the community:

"One of a kind! 🤩"

Patrycja Rozmus

"This conference is sooo good!! The conference-organisation, the miro board..the pacing, the two moderator.. .all perfect! benchmark for online-zoom conference! Please continue your great work!"

Markus Schmeiduch

"This was fantastic. And I love how laid back it is :)"

Steven Stieng

Thank you very much for organising this! Great job. Thanks to all the speakers and attendees for sharing your thoughts, resources, knowledge and all the other cool things. I miss ‘real life’ conference, but this one made me feel like I am attending the conference in the olden days. Thank you, Chapeau bas!

Karol Dulat

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The Future of Design Systems Conference - 2022 Recordings

2 ratings
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