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The Future of Design Systems Conference 2023

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Online conference, June 8-9 - 2-day Design Systems conference. Insights from experts LIVE, demos, Q&As & more.

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The Future of Design Systems is the biggest virtual, interactive Design Systems conference worldwide. Our speakers are Design Systems experts & pioneers all of them provide practical & hands-on future-proofed content.

A virtual Design Systems conference to bring together the community around Design Systems, and Design Tools organized by the design community.

Deep Dive Into Topics:

🎨 Headless Design Systems
🤖 Automation of Design Systems
📈 Data Driven Design Systems
⚡️ Design Tokens

LIVE Streaming Time:
June 8th - 4PM CEST - 11 PM CEST
June 9th - 4PM CEST - 11 PM CEST

WHY attending? ⭐️

👉🏻 Real use cases and learnings.
👉🏻 Perfect opportunity to learn from the best.
👉🏻 Latest innovations and updates in the field.
👉🏻 Share experiences, knowledge and Q&A as you want!

Confirmed LIVE presentations:

The Future of Design Systems is automated

Juli Sombat, Design Manager, Design Systems, Spotify

Tiago Catita, Engineering Manager, Design Systems, Spotify

AI and automation are rapidly transforming the tech industry. Encore, Spotify's family of design systems, is leveraging this opportunity to rethink how we manage complexity in our systems. We're building plugins and custom tooling to help us automate repetitive tasks and reduce human error, and we're using AI to better deliver information. In this talk, learn about Spotify's design system ecosystem and how the team uses automation to build powerful and scalable digital experiences.

Deep Dive into Headless Design Systems - Extended 60 min session

Esther Cheran - Creator of the Headless Design System
Mike Kamminga - Imagining & Engineering the future of Design Tokens
Marco Christian Krenn - Token Evangelist

Data-Driven Design System Management

Varya Stepanova - Design System Product Owner
Daniel Miebach - Domain Owner User Experience — Customer Applications,

Daniel and Varya from explore how to manage a design system using real usage data from the products it supports. Using the example of the mature design system, which supports dozens of digital products across different platforms and 22 countries, they will show how automatic analysis the source code of these products can provide valuable insights into the usage of React and Web Components. By using these insights to inform our decision-making and communicate the value of the design system to senior management, it is possible to operate more consciously and confidently make changes that improve the system's effectiveness. This talk will demonstrate how specific KPIs based on usage data can be used to set up certain goals and measure the success of a design system, providing insights that are understandable at the managerial and business levels of the company.

Design Tokens Masterclass

Valentino Baptista - Head of Product Design, Fintama

In this masterclass you will get a good understanding of the key points that make Design Tokens so desirable for product teams and their design systems. My main goal is to make you understand their goals, strengths and limitations. As I take you from A to Z, we will look at the principles, tools, strategies, and methodologies that can be put to the test on the same day.

Design System Office Hours: Career Convos for Design Systems People

Davy Fung, Product Design Lead, Design Systems @ Meta
PJ Onori, Design Manager, Design Systems @ Pinterest

The Future of Brand Management with Design Tokens

Jan Six - Creator of Tokens Studio
Andrew L'Homme - Fullstack Developer

AI in Design Systems

Chris Strahl, CEO & Cofounder, Knapsack
Evan Lovely, Head of Product & Engineering & Cofounder of Knapsack

AI has the potential to transform design systems through components, design tokens generation, and accessibility improvements, leading to more efficient and effective processes. These capabilities can allow us to broaden our systems user base and make it even easier for non-technical users to create and deploy production-ready experiences. In the coming years, AI has the potential to make design systems even more comprehensive, scalable, and user-friendly, further enhancing the design process for all users.

Dashlane x Specify: Pushing design tokens to the next level

Louis Chenais, Co-founder of Specify and editor for the Design Tokens Community Group Hugo Leloup, Senior Product & System Designer at Dashlane

Learn how to automatically sync your design tokens and cut out manual tasks from tomorrow onwards. Dashlane, one of our historical partners will share best practices and examples on how they are pushing design tokens in their design system. Next, we at Specify will tell you all about what's upcoming for our Continuous Design Delivery Platform. Buckle up and let's start automating your design system. 

Composable Component Architecture

Mr. Biscuit - Figma Plugins & Kit Maker

Design Tokens Pro Tips from a Design Team of One

Samantha Gordashko - Design Systems Lead

Sam is a seasoned designer and an expert in design tokens from Toronto, Canada. As a "design team of one" at various startups, she has mastered the art of finding creative and sustainable solutions to complex design problems while helping stakeholders see the value in design processes. In her talk, "Token Pro Tips from a Design Team of One," Sam will dive deep into her experience creating a design system from scratch using design tokens implemented as a design-to-code CICD pipeline. She'll share practical strategies that designers can use to save time and effort in their design process, even without a big team to share the workload.

Making the Most of Your Design System through Analytics

June Cho, Developer Advocate @ Omlet

Hosh'ki Tsunoda, Design System Engineer @ Optimizely

How do you prove the value of your design system team? Do you know how your design system is utilized? Which projects use your components and what improvements should you make?Just like how we measure products and features to make improvements, there needs to be a way to measure the impact and usage of a design system so that we can make informed decisions. In this session, June will uncover how Hosh'ki, a Design System Engineer at Optimizely is tackling design system adoption leveraging data using Omlet, a component analytics tool for devs.

The Neural Designer: How AI is changing the way we work

Davo Galavotti - Frontend & Interaction Design

One love, one heart, one library: Building a multi-brand, multi-platform design from one DS heart

Rob Cleaton -Design Director at Warface, previously Sainsburys

In this presentation I will share the benefits and solutions to allow multiple teams and disciplines to work from a single headless design system across multiple brands and across multiple digital touchpoints, from web to iOS to Android.

About Us:

The Future of Design Systems is the biggest virtual and interactive Design Systems conference worldwide. Our speakers are Design Systems experts & pioneers all of them provide practical & hands-on future-proofed content.

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Praise from the community:

"One of a kind! 🤩"

Patrycja Rozmus

"This conference is sooo good!! The conference-organisation, the miro board..the pacing, the two moderator.. .all perfect! benchmark for online-zoom conference! Please continue your great work!"

Markus Schmeiduch

"This was fantastic. And I love how laid back it is :)"

Steven Stieng

Thank you very much for organising this! Great job. Thanks to all the speakers and attendees for sharing your thoughts, resources, knowledge and all the other cool things. I miss ‘real life’ conference, but this one made me feel like I am attending the conference in the olden days. Thank you, Chapeau bas!

Karol Dulat

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The Future of Design Systems Conference 2023

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