Live Workshop: Building token-based Design Systems in Figma - Part 2

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Learn how to create and apply Design Tokens in Figma. With Figma Tokens you will be able to easily customize and maintain your Design System and create Themes (e.g Light & Dark Themes) within minutes.

Live hands-on workshop designing token-based design systems in Figma utilizing the plugin "Figma Tokens".

🗓 Date: May, 22nd 2022
Time: 4PM - 8PM CET
⏱Duration: 4 hours
🙋🏽‍♂️Workshop facilitator: Jan Six, Creator of Figma Tokens Plugin & Sr. Product Designer at GitHub
🎟 Limited spots
🛸 This live workshop is a pre-event of our live conference "The Future of Design Systems"

Please note: This workshop is not for beginners, you should have worked with Figma Tokens before. If you don't have any experience, we highly recommend to check out our basic workshop "Building token-based Design Systems in Figma - Step by Step" with Jan Six first.

In this workshop you will create tokens for choices that drive your design system's foundations and components. By using the plugin we'll be able to store the tokens on a single source of truth, enabling designers and developers to both access the same design tokens.

⚡️What you’ll learn from this live workshop:

- Overview of the plugin & how to create basic tokens e.g colors

- The best way to work with light and dark mode within different themes

- How to work with the Figma Tokens plugin and Figma Styles when you have multiple library files

- Workflow & Best Practices: How to handoff tokens to developers (concept, logic, JSON, Style Dictionary..)

- What's new in the Figma Tokens plugin: Annotations for developer handoff & more

- How to apply tokens to all variants of a component

- How to use math for a spacing scale

- Jan's Best Practices

Anything else you would be interested in to know? Let us know

There will be a live Q&A with Jan Six as well, participants can submit questions & topics before & during the workshop.

⚡️This workshop is a pre-event of: The Future of Design Systems Conference

Online conference, 23-25 May 3-day Design Systems conference. Insights from experts LIVE, demos, Q&As & more.

3 day virtual Design Systems LIVE conference, 20+ speakers, 3 workshops, 500 friends.

👉🏻 Limited Tickets

⚡️Previous Workshop: 3h with Jan Six teaching the Figma Tokens Basics

👉🏻 Figma Tokens Basic Workshop - 20% off

What is the difference between this workshop and the previous one?

This workshop is more advanced it is a follow-up workshop. In the first workshop, Jan Six was covering the basics of Figma Tokens only.

Video snippet from our previous event:

⭐️Praise from the community:

"Best workshop ever"


"This is exactly what I was looking for! Great work"


"This is amaziiiinggg!!!! working on a multi-brand. This will make work easy for me. I have been looking for this much flexibility. And this is just it for me."


"Ok ... mind blown ..."


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2 ratings
  • ⭐️Learn how to save tons of hours of time by building a token-based Design System in Figma with Jan.

  • ⭐️Learn how to save tons of hours of time by building a token-based Design System in Figma with Jan.


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Live Workshop: Building token-based Design Systems in Figma - Part 2

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