Into Design Systems - Virtual Conference - Recordings 2021

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Access to the recordings of our Online conference, 28 - 30 September 2021 - 3-day Design Systems conference. Insights from experts live talks, demos, Q&As, roundtables & more.

3-day virtual Design Systems + Design Ops conference. 19+ speakers, 500 friends.

A virtual Design Systems conference to bring together the community around Design Systems, and Design Tools organized by the design community.

Our aim is to create a live experience we would love to attend. Watching talks and saying hi & bye in the chat is not the type of conference we’re looking for so we’ve created our own.

Recordings of Live Presentations, Q&A & Panels:

📼 Multibrand Design System within the Volkswagen group & its brands - communication is key!

Thorsten Jankowski, User Experience Lead Group IT, Volkswagen

Matthias Fritsch, Design System Lead MAN

Sneak Peek:


📼 Deprecation processes in Design Systems

Karolina Boremalm, Head of Global Design Operations, IKEA Retail (Ingka Group)

Pierre Orsander, Senior Design System Designer, IKEA Retail (Ingka Group)

Sneek Peak:

📼 Theming with Design Tokens

Danny Banks, Designineer. Principal Design Technologist, amazon

Sneek Peak:

📼 How we built an open-source documentation. Was it worth it?

You'll get to know the process of switching our design system documentation from Wordpress to custom open-source solution on Gatsby. What were the biggest challenges? How does Orbit benefit from the change?

Milan Seitler, User Experience Designer,

Sneek Peak:

📼 A Component journey: from FigJam to Storybook

Let’s iterate together to bring a component into the Design System. From ideation to the release in production.

Fabien Rassinier, Design System Engineer at Talend

Benoit Rajalu, Design System Engineer at Talend

Sneek Peak:

📼 How design tokens empower multi-brand design systems

Louis Chenais, Co-Founder & Chief-Evangelist @ Specify

Sneek Peak:

📼 Flexible design systems empower the community

Clara Ujiie, Design Advocate at Figma

Nicole Choy, Sr. Design Systems Designer

Alex Nicholls, Design & Technology Director

Tom Cunningham, Sr. Design Systems Designer

Alan Smith, Sr. Sr. Design Systems Engineer

Sneek Peak:

📼 Be lazy: automate your design workflow

Zero, Sr. Product Designer / Prototyper, Soundcloud

Sneek Peak:

📼 Design system adoption is hard. Let's solve it with better tools.

Current tooling is disjointed and requires a lot of custom, tedious work to get all team members onboard with the idea of using (and liking!) design systems. But there is a new contender that truly brings everyone together.

Jiri Trecak, CEO

Sneek Peak:

📼 10 key mistakes the Design Systems team makes and how to avoid them?

Anil Kumar Krishnashetty, Product Manager Design Systems

📼 Your design system is actually a product — treat it like one

A journey through 6 years of failures, mistakes and learnings from building and scaling design systems, component libraries and organisations around design.

Michael Henning, Product Design @Capdesk

Sneak Peek:

📼 How to bake a11y into your Design System workflow

Marlene Höglinger & Christoph Pernsteiner,

What to expect:

Demos of Design System projects & workflows

Presentations & Q&As

Community Show & Tells (hacks, plugins, workflows..)

Design Ops & Design Tokens Roundtable

What you will get:

Access to all conference recordings

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Into Design Systems - Virtual Conference - Recordings 2021

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